The Unending War

I take a deep breath and wonder, Am I ready to take on this fight? All day I have done my best to entertain two small children, cuddling a baby who will only on my shoulder, while also trying to inspire her brother to build rocket ships and robots with his blocks—instead of taking every book off the shelves or […]

Why Writing Moms Need Alone Time

John ran as hard as he could, pushing himself more than he ever had before. Still, his destination didn’t appear to be any closer. He tried to take a few seconds to catch his breath, but the sound of horses behind him compelled him to keep moving forward. The horses— “Mom! Mom! Look at my robot! I built it!” “Wow, […]

Books with Pictures

Since becoming a mother, I have read more picture books than I ever imagined I would. Brett and I are readers and want our children to be readers, so we buy a lot of books, ask for books for birthdays and Christmas, and regularly check out books from the library. One thing we look at before we buy or borrow […]

5 Children’s Books

In the past three weeks, my son had a cold, my daughter had a cold with a fever, I had a head cold of my own, and now this week my son got another head cold, this time with a fever. Blogging hasn’t really been at the top of my list of priorities. So I was grateful when my sister-in-law […]