Book Review: How to Heal Our Racial Divide by Derwin L. Gray

Earlier this year, I discovered Derwin L. Gray on Twitter. I can’t even remember what he said, but it prompted me to check his bio, which told me he’s a former BYU football player, a pastor at a church in South Carolina, and a contributor to the Deseret News. It intrigued me. When I started … Read more

Out of the Groove

Blogging has been hard for me lately. I have so many thoughts and opinions, so many ideas and snippets of stories, but none of them seem to work when I try to write them down. At first, I was just too busy drafting my novels to commit anything to a blog post, but now the … Read more

Garden of Belonging

Parched, cracked slabs of grey-brown earth reaching to a brown-grey horizon. Desolate expanse of lifelessness. Helpless, hopeless, barren, alone. A curled figure sits on the ground, knees drawn to her chest—a fragile shell encasing a broken soul. A faint sound. A vibration through the infertile terrain. A second figure approaching. At his step, moisture bubbles … Read more

The End of the Trilogy

I drafted the final scene of the final book of the Forgotten King trilogy today. It feels strange. Do you know that listless, bittersweet feeling you have when you finish reading a great book? You’ve invested so much emotionally into the characters and their lives, it’s hard to say goodbye. Finishing writing a book, especially … Read more