Books by Vibeke Hiatt

The Forgotten King

Every city falls in the end… except Camelora.

The land is under attack. The governors of the regions are betraying their people. Mered is plotting to take power.

And no one can see it.

No one except Helen.

Enlisting the reluctant help of her childhood friend, Neil, she embarks on a journey to find the forgotten king–the only man who can stop Mered. But the journey is fraught with unexpected dangers and not the journey they imagined. It is a race against the truth Helen doesn’t want to face: if they fail, all hope for the land will fall.

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The Fragmented Kingdom

The Gateway is open. Supporters are arriving in Camelora. But the evil Mered’s grip on the kingdom is growing stronger.

In Camelora, the safety of the centuries is disappearing. With the supporters come hidden traitors, determined to bring harm to the kingdom. When an old enemy offers to help, Neil’s ability to trust and forgive is tested. Making the wrong choice could cost Zaric the kingdom.

Out in the greater kingdom, Zaric and Helen follow the inklings of an old prophecy to find a descendant of the king who will aid their cause. But the presence of Mered’s forces complicates their task. Unexpected difficulties throw Helen and Zaric into danger—and could hand Mered the power he craves.

In this sequel to The Forgotten King, loyalties are tested, character is tried, and the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of a few.

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