Garden of Belonging

Parched, cracked slabs of grey-brown earth reaching to a brown-grey horizon. Desolate expanse of lifelessness. Helpless, hopeless, barren, alone.

A curled figure sits on the ground, knees drawn to her chest—a fragile shell encasing a broken soul.

A faint sound. A vibration through the infertile terrain.

A second figure approaching.

At his step, moisture bubbles out of the ground. One crack fills with water, then another. A brook springs up, flowing alongside the man’s feet.

Color emerges—green blades spread from the edge of the brook, running in every direction. A soft and lush lawn. Rich brown soil, fed by the brook.

The brook grows to a stream.

The man moves and trees push through the earth. Flowers surface, adding yellow, orange, red, purple, and blue to the landscape. Beauty envelopes the panorama.

The brook becomes a river.

A pure cleanliness fills the air. Peace.

The man reaches the woman. He stops. Crouching, he holds out a hand.

She looks up. The world has changed. This man has changed the world. His strength overcomes the desolation.

Looking into the woman’s eyes, he smiles. She takes his hand and relief overcomes her.

Together they stand. The dry despair replaced with vibrant life. Joy rises in the woman’s soul.

Strong. Whole. Together.


Inspired by the song “Desert Bloom” by Rebecca St. James (featuring Kalley)

Published by Vibeke Hiatt

I am a wife, mother, and lifelong writer.

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