Radiating the Light of Christ

Last week, my husband and I took our children to visit my maternal grandmother (Mormor) in central Utah. She has a comfortable home filled with love and we always enjoy our visits with her. I also took a copy of a story to give to her that I wrote about an experience I once had … Read more

The American Search for Hygge

“Americans are so interested in hygge,” Mormor says, “but they will never understand it.” I first learned the word hygge while studying the Danish language on Duolingo. The pronunciation is a little bit tricky, but you can probably get away with saying “hooga.” The app translates it as “cozy.” I had a feeling that something was … Read more

Childhood Christmas Traditions

I love Christmas. It’s my second-favorite holiday. Even though our finances are tighter now than they have ever been before, I still enjoy the feeling the holiday brings. I’m entering a new phase now, too: the mother of a child who is excited about each new thing he learns about Christmas. From the Christmas lights … Read more

The Adventures of Happy Boy & Sassy Girl: After Bedtime

Happy Boy and Sassy Girl are always happy when Daddy comes home. Since they haven’t seen him all day, they do everything they can to stay awake so that he can put them to bed. Happily, Happy Boy blows kisses and says “good night” to Mommy. Sassily, Sassy Girl blows kisses and says “good night” … Read more

The Adventures of Happy Boy & Sassy Girl: Music

Happy Boy isn’t always happy. Life is tough when you’re 3 years old. Sassy Girl isn’t always sassy. Life is tough when you’re 1 ½ years old. But it’s hard to be unhappy or unsassy when you hear music. Although they sing many of the kid favorites like “The Wheels on the Bus,” “The Itsy … Read more

The Adventures of Happy Boy & Sassy Girl: The New Baby

Happy Boy is not just happy, he’s very excited. Mormor and Aunt Kissa came and Daddy left to get Mommy from the hospital. They say that Baby Brother will be coming home with them. Mormor helps Happy Boy make a sign to welcome them when they arrive. Sassy Girl is not very excited. She needs … Read more

Confronting Depression

This week, I’ve been struggling with depression. I hesitate to talk about it for a number of reasons. The most obvious is the personal nature of depression. It’s hard to put into words and there’s a fear that other people just won’t understand. And I’d rather not get into the circumstances that have contributed to … Read more