The Adventures of the Super Kids

The Adventures of Happy Boy & Sassy Girl: Music

Happy Boy isn’t always happy. Life is tough when you’re 3 years old.

Sassy Girl isn’t always sassy. Life is tough when you’re 1 ½ years old.

But it’s hard to be unhappy or unsassy when you hear music.

Although they sing many of the kid favorites like “The Wheels on the Bus,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “The Alphabet Song”—and they seem to know every song the Bubble Guppies have ever sung—those aren’t their favorites. They would much rather listen to ABBA, Amy Macdonald, or The Corrs.

A happy day for Happy Boy will always include singing and dancing to “Mamma Mia.” When Mom and Dad interrupt Sassy Girl’s sassiness by making her wait for what she wants, she consoles herself with: “Mamma Mia. Go again. My my. Mamma Mia. Why why. Let you go.” It’s their favorite song. In the car, Happy Boy will request “Mamma Mia” and “Super Trooper,” then the two of them with happily and sassily sing along.

Amy Macdonald is more for singing than dancing. While walking through the grocery store, Happy Boy will break out into song.

I’m on top of the world and I’m on the right track.

                I’m on top of the world and I won’t look back.

As Mom turns off the car and the Amy Macdonald music stops, Sassy Girl continues with: “Meet you water again someday.”

And when Happy Boy sings, “Paradise, paradise,” it means he wants to listen to The Corrs’ “I Do What I Like.”

The happiest times and sassiest times always include dancing. They will dance to anything with a good beat. Owl City. ABBA. Dad’s diverse music that Mom doesn’t know. Sassy Girl looks up to Happy Boy. When he dances, so does she. Impromptu dance parties spring up at all times of the day—even at bedtime. Happily jumping, sassily stomping. Spinning with arms waving. Happy and sassy faces smiling.

Yes, life is tough when you’re 3 years old and 1 ½ years old. Luckily, there is happy music and sassy music, just the right ingredient to transform any unhappy or unsassy day into a party day.

Originally Published July 2018

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