The Adventures of the Super Kids

The Adventures of Happy Boy & Sassy Girl: Preschool

“Hey, Google, what’s on the schedule for today?”

“There is only one thing on your calendar today. It is at 1pm and its title is ‘Preschool.’”

A smile spreads across Happy Boy’s face. He slides off the couch and jumps up and down. When he hears “preschool” on the schedule, he can’t contain his excitement. Happy Boy is happiest when he’s learning.

As soon as he learned about school—at the age of 2—Happy Boy started asking Mom if he could go. He asked and asked for months and months. Finally, she told him that they would have preschool at home three days a week. For days it was all he could talk about. He was very happy.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, Happy Boy can hardly wait for preschool to begin. He hasn’t learned the days of the week yet, but he knows the schedule. When Mom says that she needs to do the dishes before they can begin, Happy Boy is not happy. To pass the time, he asks Mom every few minutes if it’s time for preschool yet. If Mom would only teach him to tell time, he would be able to tell for himself.

But 1pm eventually comes, and the happiness of learning begins.

Happy Boy enjoys color days. He likes to go outside and look for the day’s color while Sassy Girl quietly holds Mom’s hand. He was happy to learn about grass and leaves on the day Mom taught him about green. They looked at the blue sky and found blue cars on blue day.

On red day, Mom asked, “What color is the rose on that bush?”

“Green!” Sassy Girl exclaimed sassily.

“Red,” Happy Boy answered correctly.

They then go inside and sort out all of the green blocks, or blue blocks, or red blocks. Happy Boy builds with these colors and Sassy Girl builds with the rest. After that, they go to the table where Mom sorts out the green crayons, or blue crayons, or red crayons. Happy Boy colors with different shades of the day’s color as Sassy Girl colors in her coloring book.

Opposite days are fun days. Sorting books into groups of big books and little books on big and little day, separating big shapes from little shapes, and coloring robots on a big piece of paper and a little piece of paper made Happy Boy happy. When Mom told him the story of Mr. Wiggle and Mr. Waggle to teach him about up and down, he wanted her to tell it over and over, so happy he couldn’t help laughing. Going up and down the stairs and jumping up and down were very exciting, too.

Dancing to Owl City when he learned about the body, Happy Boy couldn’t be happier—as long as he and Sassy Girl were careful not to run into each other. He loved drawing pictures of himself on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk and being traced by Mom. It was fun identifying the sounds he heard when they talked about ears. The wind made so many different sounds as it blew through the sunflower bushes, the trees, and as it pushed a dry leaf across the ground.

But workbook days are the happiest days. They are what Happy Boy has waited his whole, 3-year life for. More than anything, he wants to learn to write. The workbook is the happy doorway to the wonderful world of writing letters and numbers. He concentrates hard when he works in the workbook, not wanting to make a mistake. Happy Boy is happy when he finishes a letter and Mom cheers. Sassy Girl looks up from her coloring book to cheer, too, then goes back to her picture.

It was hard to wait to be old enough for preschool, but Happy Boy is happy that the time has finally come. After all, he’s happiest when he’s learning.

Originally Published September 2018

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