The Adventures of the Super Kids

The Adventures of Happy Boy & Sassy Girl: The New Baby

Happy Boy is not just happy, he’s very excited. Mormor and Aunt Kissa came and Daddy left to get Mommy from the hospital. They say that Baby Brother will be coming home with them. Mormor helps Happy Boy make a sign to welcome them when they arrive.

Sassy Girl is not very excited. She needs to meet Baby before she decides how she feels about him.

The moment comes. The door opens and Mommy and Daddy come in with a baby carrier. Happy Boy and Sassy Girl run to the bottom of the stairs, happy to see Mommy again after two whole days. When he sees the baby in the carrier, Happy Boy can’t contain his happiness. He runs around the living room, skipping and jumping, chattering about his new brother as he goes.

Sassy Girl watches as Mommy takes Baby out of the carrier and sits down. She sees Baby for what he really is—an intruder. Sassily, she rolls her eyes, turns her back, and reaches up to Daddy, begging for him to pick her up.

For the rest of the day, Happy Boy can’t stop staring at Baby, talking about Baby, and talking to Baby. Sometimes he calls him “my baby,” sometimes “my brother,” and sometimes “my boy.” His favorite thing to do, though, is hug his brother and say, “I love you, Baby.”

Happy Boy’s happiness wears him out and he happily goes to bed. Sassy Girl, in her sassy way, refuses to go to bed, clinging to whichever parent isn’t holding Baby. Eventually, she lies on the floor, playing with her toys. When Mommy asks what she thinks about Baby, Sassy Girl ignores her.

In the morning, Happy Boy can’t wait to see Baby. He rushes into Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom. “Where’s my brother?” he asks.

“In his bassinet,” they say. Happy Boy climbs onto the bed and peers into the bassinet, smiling at Baby. He bounces on the mattress and tells Mommy and Daddy everything Baby is doing.

Sassy Girl wanders in. She sassily walks towards Daddy’s side of the bed, watching Happy Boy and the bassinet out of the corner of her eye. Daddy lifts her onto the bed and she sits for a few minutes before hesitantly moving towards the bassinet. She looks down at Baby. Her heart softens a little, but she makes sure not to show it, doing her best to maintain her sassy reputation.

Today is quieter than yesterday. Happy Boy is still happy, but his excitement has died down. Every few minutes he checks on Baby, then goes back to his toys. Seeing Happy Boy’s happiness helps Sassy Girl to warm up to Baby. Mommy and Daddy still cuddle her as much as before, give her fruit snacks and juice, and let her watch her favorite shows. Having a little brother isn’t as bad as it seemed yesterday.

She stands next to Baby and smiles. “He’s so cute!” she says, then runs off to play.

Sassy big sisterhood begins.

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