Birthday in Isolation

How do you celebrate your birthday in isolation? This was the question I faced when I realized having an early-May birthday meant celebrating with social restrictions. As an introverted homebody, you would think staying home wouldn’t be a problem. But I wanted my birthday to be different from other days. Plus, Brett took the day off from work, so I […]

Tips from a Stay-at-Home Mom for Staying at Home

We are living through an unusual time right now in our nation and throughout the world. With the threat of the Coronavirus and many people being forced to stay at home, it requires an unexpected change of pace and routine. Though many are probably finding themselves experiencing an unwanted, unpaid vacation, hopefully most are either working from home or being […]

PSA: The Half-birthday Problem

There is a problem in our world that affects millions of people every year and most of us don’t realize it. It’s a problem beyond our control, but a problem nonetheless. Millions of people are unable to celebrate their half-birthday. We talk about those who only have a birthday every four years on February 29, but for people born on […]

My Teenage Broken Heart

At a young age, I wanted to be in love. Don’t ask why—I don’t know the answer. I do know that I was taught by friends and sisters to have crushes on boys and my imagination ran away with that idea. But most boys weren’t interested in me: the shy, smart girl with glasses who hardly said a word. When […]

Sunday Morning

Originally Published January 2018 I woke up to the sound of Wolfie talking to himself. It felt too early for him to be awake. I looked at the clock on my phone. 7:25. Well, maybe not too early for him. I had a headache, though, so it was definitely too early for me. I lay in bed trying to telepathically […]

My Struggle with Anxiety & Depression

Originally Published November 2017 My life is a paradox. At least it is right now. I know that if I eat healthier, go outside more, and get daily exercise, the anxiety and depression I suffer with will subside. But because of my anxiety and depression, I feel nervous about going outside, have no motivation to exercise, and lack the energy […]

My Favorite Place

Originally Published April 2018 The library. A magical realm where everything is possible. A place of quiet where imagination is unbound. A repository of knowledge where questions are answered. As a girl, I wanted to live in the library. As a woman, I still feel the same. I can imagine a small room with a comfortable bed to sleep in, […]

At the Ocean

Originally Published June 2018 At the age of 37, I experienced another first. A couple of weeks ago, our family went to the beach. This wasn’t just standing by the sea and watching the waves or dipping my toes in the ocean, but walking barefoot in the sand, wading waist-deep in the water, and searching for seashells. As part of […]

The Unending War

I take a deep breath and wonder, Am I ready to take on this fight? All day I have done my best to entertain two small children, cuddling a baby who will only on my shoulder, while also trying to inspire her brother to build rocket ships and robots with his blocks—instead of taking every book off the shelves or […]

Why Writing Moms Need Alone Time

John ran as hard as he could, pushing himself more than he ever had before. Still, his destination didn’t appear to be any closer. He tried to take a few seconds to catch his breath, but the sound of horses behind him compelled him to keep moving forward. The horses— “Mom! Mom! Look at my robot! I built it!” “Wow, […]