Pre-birth Nicknames & Why We Use Them

“I told my brothers that I want to name my future son Tiernan,” the labor and delivery nurse said. “They don’t like it.” “And that’s why you don’t tell people what you plan to name your baby,” I told her. Pre-birth nicknames started in my family when my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister. My dad and brother didn’t […]

Birthday in Isolation

How do you celebrate your birthday in isolation? This was the question I faced when I realized having an early-May birthday meant celebrating with social restrictions. As an introverted homebody, you would think staying home wouldn’t be a problem. But I wanted my birthday to be different from other days. Plus, Brett took the day off from work, so I […]

The Hope of Easter

Easter has long been my favorite holiday. As a girl, I loved picking out a new Easter dress, dyeing and hunting for eggs, and getting Easter candy. I love early spring with its daffodils and tulips, fresh air and warmer temperatures. I love the colors of the season, the sunny days and rainy days. The most important thing that I […]

Tips from a Stay-at-Home Mom for Staying at Home

We are living through an unusual time right now in our nation and throughout the world. With the threat of the Coronavirus and many people being forced to stay at home, it requires an unexpected change of pace and routine. Though many are probably finding themselves experiencing an unwanted, unpaid vacation, hopefully most are either working from home or being […]

Sunday Morning

Originally Published January 2018 I woke up to the sound of Wolfie talking to himself. It felt too early for him to be awake. I looked at the clock on my phone. 7:25. Well, maybe not too early for him. I had a headache, though, so it was definitely too early for me. I lay in bed trying to telepathically […]