Out of the Groove

Blogging has been hard for me lately. I have so many thoughts and opinions, so many ideas and snippets of stories, but none of them seem to work when I try to write them down. At first, I was just too busy drafting my novels to commit anything to a blog post, but now the … Read more

The End of the Trilogy

I drafted the final scene of the final book of the Forgotten King trilogy today. It feels strange. Do you know that listless, bittersweet feeling you have when you finish reading a great book? You’ve invested so much emotionally into the characters and their lives, it’s hard to say goodbye. Finishing writing a book, especially … Read more

I Control Time (a poem)

I control time. The hands of the clock surrender to my fingers. Forward and backward, inside-out and outside-in. The past is the future and the present is timeless. Actions of today become feats of a past year. Words understood before they are spoken. Thoughts and feelings erased from existence. Time measured and time felt. Time … Read more

Attending the Life, the Universe, and Everything Symposium

Last year, with the support of my husband, Brett, I decided to get more serious about the writing craft, which included attending writing conferences. In Utah, though, writing conferences aren’t very common, and affordable ones for families on tight budgets even less so. A couple of friends couldn’t stop talking about the Life, the Universe, … Read more