Out of the Groove

Blogging has been hard for me lately. I have so many thoughts and opinions, so many ideas and snippets of stories, but none of them seem to work when I try to write them down. At first, I was just too busy drafting my novels to commit anything to a blog post, but now the drafting is done and the blog is still neglected.

A voice in my head says no one will care. Or everyone will attack my ideas—or me, personally. I’ll think I’m clever while others think I’m pretentious and dull.

Thousands of writers will tell you they feel the same way. But that doesn’t seem to change how this one writer thinks.

I feel guilty for not having the sequel to The Forgotten King ready to publish. I feel guilty for not having my contemporary women’s fiction novel ready to publish. I feel guilty for jumping between two projects—even if I have a good reason for doing it.

I even have unpublished blog posts sitting on my computer. They don’t feel quite right and I don’t know how to fix them.

It’s not just the blog, either. I want to post to my Facebook page, but something’s holding me back. Will anyone interact? Will anyone care?

I’m sure it’s just a phase. I’ve had some good days lately. There are bound to be more. If I just keep working, something worth publishing is bound to come out.


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