The Adventures of the Super Kids

The Adventures of the Super Kids: Introducing Friendly Boy

Friendly Boy has been charming everyone around him since birth. The nurses who took his measurements just minutes into his life couldn’t get enough of his big eyes and tall frame. He only cried when he was hungry, and even then only in a polite way.

Happy Boy was excited to meet his brother and, seven months later, the novelty hasn’t worn off. Sassy Girl took some time to warm up to him, but now alternates between being a little mother and misunderstanding that the things he does—like pulling her hair or looking at her—are simply things that all babies do.

Friendly Boy wears an almost constant expression of wonder, smiling with his eyes before he knew how to smile with his lips. Everything around him is new and exciting. With this expression, he looks at the people around him and they can’t help but smile. When they smile, so does he. That smile grows and grows until he can’t contain his joy and he kicks and wiggles, throwing his head back, squealing and shouting in delight. The people laugh and are smitten.

In the middle of the night, when Friendly Boy wakes up, Daddy gets up to feed him. Daddy feels annoyed, wishing he were still asleep, but Friendly Boy smiles up at him in love and gratitude, melting the annoyance away. Being polite as well as friendly, Friendly Boy falls asleep as soon as he’s finished, letting Daddy go back to bed—until Sassy Girl sassily wakes up too soon.

As he has gotten older, Friendly Boy has become something of a Mama’s Boy. He wakes up and cries for someone to get him. When Mommy comes and picks him up, he throws his little arms around her head and hugs her tightly. He’s perfectly happy with Daddy unless Mommy appears, and then he whines and fusses, wanting to be passed to her.

Friendly Boy now crawls, sits, laughs, and jabbers. Happy Boy is happier when he’s around. Sassy Girl is sassier. Both do their best to impress him, making Friendly Boy even friendlier. He loves his older brother and sister and patiently allows them to hold him, sit on him, play with him, and try to take care of him. Together, the three of them make a great team.

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